Notes On Our Reporting About MAT Asphalt

The McKinley Park News broke the story on MAT Asphalt and has covered it in greater depth and detail than any other publication. We are proud to continue our ongoing, accurate coverage of MAT Asphalt and the controversy surrounding it.

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Not on the Good Foot

Have you been hungry for more neighborhood news? Our efforts to bring you the events and updates of Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood continue unabated, but slowed by personal circumstance and unfortunate surprise, a casualty of our current status as a solopreneur-driven enterprise.

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I Broke My Leg!

As astute readers have undoubtedly noticed, we have been on weeks-long hiatus from our regular neighborhood news reporting.

A bit of self-care in the form of a long-overdue family holiday took a detour after a slip-and-fall laid the publication's No. 1 resource low with a broken fibula and bad sprain.

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Deep in Da Code

The McKinley Park News is undergoing major updates to the software, systems and interfaces that deliver our micro-local neighborhood news to you.

This Letter from the Editor explains what we're doing — including our roadmap for upgrades to features, infrastructure and privacy — and why we're doing it.

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Support Independent Chicago News Through CIMA

The Save Chicago Media campaign from the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA) supports local news publishers through donations channeled to independent news outlets in Chicago.

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