Neighbors are McKinley Park News website members who have verified their residency within our coverage area of the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago. Neighbor accounts are free and confer special access, privileges and presence on the website, including:

  • Free access to post classified ads, including to the Goods for Sale; Garage, Yard and Estate Sales; Lost Pets; and Found Pets categories.
  • member badge neighbor1A highlighted presence and profile on the website. For instance, every Neighbor profile displays a badge confirming local residency. Also, our Neighborhood > Neighbors page shares our community members who are verified Neighbors (and who wish to share their profile).
  • Extra account capabilities and features throughout the McKinley Park News website, from additional tools and increased capacities for interacting with website content to having access to post comments on news articles. 

It's easy to become a Neighbor!

  1. Sign up for a free membership on the McKinley Park News website.
  2. Log in and edit your profile to add your local address under the Contact tab. Note that this information is set by default to be private and is not visible to any other website member or visitor.
  3. Confirm your local address. You can do this by displaying your ID or documentation that includes your local address to a McKinley Park News representative at one of the events in which we take part, or by rendezvousing at one of the regular neighborhood meetings or events we cover.
    We are also happy to connect in the neighborhood to confirm your Neighbor account. Shall we meet at Kristoffer's Cakes, the 36Squared Business Incubator or elsewhere?
    Send email to or call (312) 560-1115 to set up a time and place to meet in the McKinley Park neighborhood.

Valid means to confirm your address include display of a government-issued ID, a utility bill, or official correspondence from an established agency containing your local address. 

Click here to view our upcoming events where Neighbor signups are available. Send email to to arrange to meet to do this instead at an upcoming community meeting or event the McKinley Park News is covering, or to arrange to confirm your address electronically.

A Service for Neighborhood Residents

Our Neighbors program is a resource for the  McKinley Park neighborhood that provides free access to useful communications and community features while engendering a high-quality, relevant and convivial membership community. Confirming the local residency of our Neighbors ensures highly qualified participation in the website's interactive features, provision of these free resources where they're most needed and relevant, and an effective means to mitigate problems with spammers, trolls and other users of ill intent.

The privacy of our member community is of paramount importance, and the McKinley Park News implements privacy practices that exceed all other contemporary community websites. We do not sell or share your information with any entity outside the McKinley Park News, including no sharing of member information with our Sponsors. The privacy controls in every member account allow for both granular privacy control for every profile element and the option for complete account privacy. For more information, see our Member Privacy and Content Practices page and our Terms of Service.