Connect with neighborhood markets through the classified advertising system on the McKinley Park News

All website visitors have access to view and interact with classified ads in all categories. In order to post and manage ads, users must be logged in on a specific type of account:

Classified Advertising Standards

All classified ads users should read and understand the McKinley Park News Terms of Service, to which they are bound as a condition of accessing this website and using its membership features. The Terms of Service details classified ad guidelines and usage limitations — all designed to maintain a safe, relevant and convivial membership community and website. These include:

  • Adult-oriented products and services, inherently or potentially dangerous items such as weapons and medicine, and illegal or age-limited items are not allowed in the classified advertising system.
  • Classified ad listings must relate to local, individual sales within our geographic coverage area, and follow the cues within classified category descriptions.

Commercial businesses that wish to market their products and services on the McKinley Park News — but that do not have their vertical market supported by a classified ads category — are invited to participate in our Sponsorship program and its ad campaigns as the most effective way to reach the neighborhood.