Chicago Rental Assitance (Chinese language)

1 month 6 days ago #1 by Justin Kerr
Our good friends at the Coalition for a Better Chinese-American Community (CBCAC) shared that there's still time to apply for rental assistance through the City of Chicago's Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP). Get all the details here:

ERAP Checklist

If you are able to complete this application by yourself please call the hotline at 312.698.0202 or complete your application at

Please bring the following documents with you:

From the tenant:
  • Proof of identity
    Any government ID including passport, State ID, CityKey or Green Card, Bank or credit card statement, lease
  • Proof of address
    Can be the same as proof of address. Can use a bank or credit card statement, lease, utility bill, or any other documents that have current address. lease etc.
  • Income verification
    Annual income for 2020 or monthly income at time of application
    Paystubs, tax filings, bank statements, approval by another assistance program, testimony from employer or caseworker, self-attestation
  • Proof of monthly rent amount  
    Current lease signed by applicant & landlord, written statement from landlord, bank statements or 3 months of bank statements establishing a pattern of rent, other reasonable documentation
    If you are unable to provide, the recipient will be paid 3 months of Fair Market Rent- a rate determined by the city based on your local housing data.
  • Landlord’s contact information
    Phone number or email
  • Most recent 2 months of utility bill (If applying for utilities as well)
From the landlord:
  • Proof of Ownership
    Tax filings, property tax bill, deed or mortgage document
  • Management agreement (if applying on behalf of owner)
Lastly, you will need an email address. If you do not have one we can make one for you. CBCAC does not have any role in determining award amount or eligibility.

Questions? Contact us at | 312.761.9738


  • 如果您是租客:
  • 身份证明:任何政府身份证,包括护照、州身份证、城市钥匙或绿卡
  • 地址证明:可以与地址证明相同。可以使用银行或信用卡对账单、租约、水电费账单或任何其他具有当前地址的 档,租赁等。
  • 收入证明:2020年的年收入或申请时的月收入,工资单、税务文件、银行对账单、其他援助计划的批准、雇主或社会工作者的证词、自我证明
  • 月租金证明:由申请人和业主签署的现行租约、业主的书面声明、银行对账单或任何确定租金模式的文件、其他合理文件       如果你不能提供,您将有可能获得3个月的公平市场租金。(由市政府根据你当地的住房数据确定的费率
  • 房东联系方式:电话号码或电子邮件
  • 最近的水电费账单(如果同时申请水电费)
  • |如果您是房东:
  • 所有权证明:税务文件、财产税账单、契据或抵押文件
  • 管理协议(如果代表业主申请)
需要电子邮件地址。如果你没有,我们可以为你申请一个。CBCAC没有资格决定您是否可以获得补助。有问题吗?电邮: | (312) 761-9738

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