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Lee Announces for 11th Ward Race

3 months 1 day ago - 3 months 1 day ago #1 by Justin Kerr
As astute readers will know, our McKinley Park neighborhood is going to be really chopped up between the 11th and 12th Wards in the new, redistricted ward map, which looks to take effect next year.

Also taking place next year is the primary election, which in Chicago is the main election for many offices, including for aldermen and alderwomen, since Republicans are not competitive in this city.

One of the first announcements for the 11th Ward alderman race is Nicole Lee, who will represent an irregular chunk of the east end of the McKinley Park neighborhood. She's the current alder for the 11th Ward after being appointed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot after Patrick Daley-Thompson was convicted of tax fraud and other crimes.

The below map shows the 11th Ward in brown, and the 12th Ward in green:

Here's Lee's announcement for her campaign to stay as 11th Ward alderwoman, including for a big piece of McKinely Park:

Appointed in March 2022 as the first Asian American woman and Chinese American to serve on the Chicago City Council, Lee unveils campaign video

CHICAGO - Today, Alderman Nicole Lee announced her campaign for election in the newly redrawn 11th Ward. A community engagement and social impact professional with more than two decades of experience in private and non-profit sector leadership, Lee made history when she was appointed alderman in March 2022. She is the first Asian American woman and first Chinese American to serve on the City Council, and the first Asian American to represent Chinatown. She is seeking a full term in Chicago’s City Council to continue advocating for safer neighborhoods, stronger schools and improved infrastructure and transportation for the residents of the 11th Ward. 

Lee announced her campaign in a new video released today, where she speaks about her vision for the 11th Ward and why she is seeking a full-term in office. 

“Serving the community I call home has been an incredible honor, and I am running because I know there is still so much more work to do,” said Ald. Nicole Lee. “I’ve lived in the 11th Ward my entire life and am raising my two sons in the house my family has lived in for four generations. I know the people, the businesses, and the organizations that make these neighborhoods so special. The 11th Ward deserves someone who will listen to their concerns and take action on the issues they face, and I’m ready to keep up the fight to build safer and better resourced neighborhoods across our community.”  

Prior to her appointment to City Council, Lee spent nearly 15 years with United Airlines, where she served as the Director for Social Impact Optimization and Global Community Engagement. In that role, she led the team accountable for building the company’s global non-profit partnerships and spearheading the strategy around humanitarian aid and disaster response. She has worked in both the private and non-profit sectors, including as Development Officer at Premier Bank,  Program Officer at BP America Inc., and as an independent consultant specializing in community relations, social investment, and corporate social responsibility.  

Lee established herself as a leader in the Chinese American and Asian American communities through her volunteerism and involvement in local organizations. Lee has worked with the University of Illinois Chicago Asian American Advisory Council, the Asian Giving Circle, OCA Chicago, the Chinese Mutual Aid Association, and the Chicago Dragon’s Athletic Organization. She’s been an active participant in her children’s schools, including having served and chaired the Local School Council of Haines Elementary School and is a member of the St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta Parish community.  

Lee is a product of Chicago Public schools and graduated from Mark Sheridan Academy and Whitney Young High School. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs and her Masters of Public Policy from the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. She lives in Chinatown with her two sons. 

To learn more, visit
About Nicole LeeNicole Lee is Alderman for the 11th Ward, and is running for election in the 2023 municipal elections.  When first appointed to City Council in March 2022, she made history as the first Asian American woman and first Chinese American to serve on the City Council, and the first Asian American to represent Chinatown. A lifelong Chinatown resident, Lee has more than two decades of experience in private and non-profit sector leadership working in community engagement and social impact. Her deep community ties have prepared her to be an effective voice for safer neighborhoods, affordable housing, and accessible education for the community.
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