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The Other McKinley

1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #1 by Justin Kerr
The Chicago Tribune newspaper recently published a fascinating profile of another "McKinley" here in Chicago, one distinct from President William McKinley, the neighborhood's and park's namesake.

Ada S. McKinley was a social reformer and community organizer around the same time as Jane Addams (of Hull House), but likely didn't receive her full due for her work and the continuing community help she inspired. She was known for running the South Side Settlement House, founded in 1919 at 32nd and Wabash, a couple miles east of the McKinley Park community area.

Click here to read "Chicago’s Ada S. McKinley is way overdue for some appreciation, according to researchers who delved into her history as an early 20th century social reformer" in the Chicago Tribune
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