Alderman Vows Development Review, Zoning Changes Around 35th/Archer Orange Line El

Published January 8, 2021

12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas has issued a statement following reports of planned development of a Dunkin' drive-through restaurant at South Leavitt Street and South Archer Avenue in the McKinley Park neighborhood.

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As reported here in the McKinley Park News, a City of Chicago building permit has been issued for the drive-through, which stands to be sited at 3560 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, across from a CTA Orange Line El station and bus transit hub on a property highlighted for transit-oriented development.

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"I've asked the Department of Planning and Zoning for a comprehensive review, since the community had no input," Cardenas said in his statement. "We rightly deserve to know traffic patterns and the impact this business will have on the surrounding area."

Cardenas noted that the property is zoned C1-2, which permits such developments by right, including for the adjacent, recently opened Family Dollar store at 3542 S. Archer Ave., Chicago. "This store was not approved by my office, or required any community input because of the underlying zoning," Cardenas said.

The overall property on which Family Dollar sits includes a large parking lot, which the new Dunkin' restaurant would partially occupy. Cardenas stated he did not approve the Dunkin' development.

Zoning Changes

Cardenas said he has been working for months with Chicago's Department of Planning and Development to change zoning designations around the 35th/Archer Orange Line El. "I'm seeking a zoning that is calmer and fit for a retail environment which will bring jobs and better quality of life," he said.

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This follows other prospective nearby zoning changes, Cardenas said, including in the Archer Avenue corridor. As reported here in the McKinley Park News, several new commercial neighborhood developments have been recently proposed, all of which would require changing the properties' zoning designation.

"My intention is to continue engaging the community on land-use planning and development decisions," Cardenas said. He encouraged residents with questions to contact his office by calling (312) 744-3040

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