As shown in a still image from the episode, showrunners Milo Krimstein, left, and Steve Schmitt discuss the merits of a McKinley Park neighborhood stoop in the second episode of "Just Stoopin' Around."

Stoopin' Around Rates the Front Stoops of McKinley Park

Published January 26, 2021

Residential front entrances in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago get a lighthearted nod in the second episode of "Just Stoopin' Around," a local web series created by Steve Schmitt and Milo Krimstein. 

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The program, "the world's first show for stoop aficionados," was recently posted to the Vimeo service, showing Schmitt and Krimstein assessing and evaluating many stoops in McKinley Park.

Business Grows Here - Space - Resources - Community

The focus on the McKinley Park neighborhood, filmed during temperate weather, follows the first episode of the show, which highlighted the Logan Square neighborhood.

In addition to discussing "what makes or breaks a great stoop," Schmitt and Krimstein opined on stoop qualifications. "That's a step, not a stoop," Schmitt said of one front entrance in the neighborhood.

Additional production credits for the show go to Keira Kennedy for cinematography, Chi Nguyen for costume design and Ron Chiu for location scouting.

Watch the second episode of "Just Stoopin' Around" here, or watch it on its page on Vimeo

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