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COVID Vaccination Opens for McKinley Park Neighborhood North of 35th Street

Published March 10, 2021

McKinley Park neighborhood residents who live north of 35th Street can now get free COVID vaccinations at the United Center at 1901 W. Madison St., about 3-1/2 miles north of McKinley Park on Chicago's Near West Side. The municipal vaccination program just announced vaccine availability for residents who live in the 60608 zip code, an area that includes the north half of the McKinley Park neighborhood.

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Chicago McKinley Park COVID vaccination poster 20210310The latest poster for Chicago's vaccination effort shares qualifying zip codes and signup info.The vaccination process requires booking an appointment, and residents of zip codes 60619, 60620, 60649 and 60652 are also eligible.

Online Or Phone Signup

Qualifying residents can sign up online at the United Center's Mass Vaccination scheduling web page at, and then use the voucher code CCVICHICAGO.

Qualifying residents who do not have Internet access can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 746-4835. Multilingual access and assistance for those with disabilities are available.

Anyone who registers for a vaccination appointment, but does not live in a qualifying zip code, will have their appointment canceled.

For more information about Chicago's COVID vaccination effort and response to the pandemic, visit the city's vaccination home page at


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