An architectural rendering shown at the February 2021 meeting of the McKinley Park Development Council displays the proposed transit-oriented development at 3595-99 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, which is planned to include on-site affordable units.

Development Council Releases TOD Survey Results, Preps for Affordable Housing Meeting

Published April 19, 2021

The McKinley Park Development Council released the results of its survey on transit-oriented development (TOD) for Chicago's McKinley Park neighborhood, showing general support for higher-density development near transit in the non-scientific study.

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"We will be working with the alderman's office to find the right use for the other vacant or underutilized parcels in this area and along the other TOD zones in the neighborhood," said council President John Belcik. The council will also be forming a TOD committee and setting development guidelines for neighborhood TOD proposals, he said.

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The survey garnered a total of 35 responses, solicited from the council's website, social media, email and the group's monthly meeting. As the results of the TOD survey showed, most respondents indicated support for things like TOD development in McKinley Park, limiting parking access for TOD residents, and the proposed mixed-use development for 3595-99 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, which was highlighted during the council's February meeting.

Affordability in McKinley

site plan 3595 99 S Archer Ave MPDC meeting 20210217The proposed site plan for 3595-99 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, as shown at the February 2021 McKinley Park Development Council meeting shows 23 on-site parking spaces.Local affordable housing is focus of the next McKinley Park Development Council Meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. A speaker from the Pilsen Housing Cooperative (PIHCO) will discuss co-op housing, and a representative from Chicago's Department of Housing (DOH) will outline recent revisions to the city's Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO).

There's big cross-over between the ARO and transit-oriented development, Belcik said. "This is especially important as the neighborhood has seen increased interest in creating new TOD and various multi-unit residential building proposals."

Any resident who is interested in serving on the council's TOD committee or who otherwise has questions should get in touch by sending email to, Belick said.

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Audrey Teabow
I’m curious as to what building used to be in that space, as most of it is covered in old concrete
Audrey Teabow
I mean, I have found it as a parking lot but I am curious as to what they were parking there for.
Justin Kerr
Thanks for your comment! I don't know what was there before: I do know that the developer intends to keep the space and the features of the Marquette/Joliet memorial at the corner.

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