McKinley Park Pegged as Top Affordable Neighborhood in U.S., Most Desirable in Chicago

Published January 17, 2019

The real estate company Redfin has released its report on the most popular and desirable neighborhoods in the U.S., and Chicago's McKinley Park neighborhood has come out as No. 1 among "Hottest Affordable Neighborhoods" across the entire country. In addition, when Redfin listed its overall "Hottest Neighborhoods" by region, McKinley Park came out as the top neighborhood in Chicago.

Redfin determined its results for neighborhood reports using a combination of metrics on home sales from November 2018, plus data from its website usage and Realtor insights. It noted McKinley Park's 97.9 percent average ratio for sales hitting listing prices, and that 35.1 percent of homes here sold above list price.

The report also highlighted neighborhood amenities like the park and El stops, and said that McKinley Park's close proximity to downtown and adjacency to the hyper-trendy Pilsen neighborhood were factors in its appeal. The neighborhood's median home sales price of $270,000 is above the Chicago average of $230,000, but below Redfin's nationwide median of $294,000, the criteria it used to deem a neighborhood affordable.

Click here to read Redfin's Hottest Affordable Neighborhoods report

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