Chile Toreado Wows Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic

Published March 13, 2020

Chile Toreado Jaime Sotelo portraitChile Toreado chef and McKinley Park resident Jaime SoteloMcKinley Park neighborhood restaurant Chile Toreado received yet another plaudit in the media through the Chicago Tribune's coverage of the new eatery's menu and personnel. In the article "5 Rabanitos owner expands with new Mexican place in McKinley Park ...," writer Grace Wong digs into some of the restaurant's distinctive menu items and how chef Jaime Sotelo's cuisine grew from his grandmother's cooking on the family farm near Ixcapuzalco in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

"The most shareable dish is the tlayuda that dazzles with colorful vegetables laying on a bed of black beans and melted cheese, and topped with sprinkles of queso fresco and a drizzle of crema," Wong writes.

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The McKinley Park News previously featured Chile Toreado, Jaime Sotelo and his brother, Alfonso Sotelo, in the November 2019 article "Chile Toreado to Add Spice to Growing Restaurant Scene on 35th Street." The Chicago Tribune's coverage joins other recent media attention on the restaurant, including The Infatuation's recent pick for Chile Toreado as one of Chicago's best new restaurants.

Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article "5 Rabanitos owner expands with new Mexican place in McKinley Park ..."

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