Abraham "Abe" Matthew

9th District Chicago Police Board candidate Abraham "Abe" Matthew 

Contact Email: abe@abematthew.com

Essay Questions

1. What are the top crime issues facing the McKinley Park neighborhood, and what are your proposed solutions for addressing them?

As a father, homeowner, and owner of a business, I share the same concerns regarding crime as many of our neighbors. Much of the criminal activity in McKinley Park is composed of property crime, theft, and forcible offenses. These categories of crime cause concern among everyone and reduces residents enjoyment of the neighborhood. My proposed solutions are:

  • Ensure Adequate Resources are Placed in McKinley Park
    Residents of McKinley Park deserve their fair share of public safety resources and personnel. A Staffing Allocation Study should be conducted to determine the most effective placement of personnel. Without a comprehensive study of the use of our existing resources we cannot make an informed decision as to the proper staffing level for uniformed and civilian employees in the Department.
  • Lower Response Times and Improve Morale Among Officers
    One of the biggest issues I hear about from community members and officers is the lack of personnel to handle all of the calls. We can split this workload up and increase morale by using civilian investigators to supplement the police force. Currently, the city uses officers as the first line response to most emergencies and non-emergencies. A better approach is to empower non-emergency personnel to respond to non-violent calls and increase funding for mental health first responders. When non-violent incidents occur, an investigator could be sent out instead of involving officers who are spread thin between emergency situations. Likewise, mental health crises should be handled by mental health professionals.
  • Bring the Community into the Public Safety Discussion
    We need to bring the community into the discussion on public safety. We have a right to be safe in our communities, homes, and places of business. By serving as an open line of communication and an advocate for the community, it will be my responsibility to act as an advocate on issues of public safety. My goal is to ensure transparency and communication between the community and law enforcement.


2. Why are you running for the police board?

As a father, business owner, homeowner, and practicing attorney, the safety of our community is top of mind for me. It’s important that our area remains a safe place for my boys to grow up. Likewise, it’s important that everyone who lives in our diverse community feels protected and well served by our public safety infrastructure. I will work tirelessly to advocate for our community’s interests on the District Council of the 9th Police District. Public safety is an issue that affects us all and about which people have strong and divergent opinions. I am a firm believer that transparency and community input into public safety decision making will improve outcomes and protect both officers and our neighborhoods. I am not afraid to press when pushback is required and have no qualms about standing up for what is right, even if it is not popular. In a job like this, when you are taking the community as your client, your duty is to the people alone. I will strive to live that every day I am in office.


3. What past experience, capabilities and capacity makes you a good candidate to represent the McKinley Park neighborhood's interests on the police board?

I have spent my legal career representing regular people in our community in their times of need. My day to day work involves fighting for the rights of people from all walks of life. Ensuring that each person’s needs are met and rights are upheld has been my passion for the ten eight years. Many of the same obstacles to representation of the community in relation to our public safety infrastructure exist in the representation of injured people. In both instances one must be an advocate who treats those they represent with dignity and respect. The practice of law in our community has enabled me to be a problem solver and provide a good bedside manner to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.


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