A Vision for McKinley Park

The Vision

McKinley Park’s long history of cultural diversity is celebrated, valued, and preserved through its wide range of housing options. It strives to create a neighborhood where walking and biking is a safe and comfortable way to get around; where social gatherings attract residents and people from around the region; and frequenting unique local businesses and dining al fresco at an array of restaurants is encouraged.

McKinley Park envisions nurturing creativity and innovation in a modernized manufacturing district, accompanied by a strong labor force fueling our region’s economy.

McKinley Park is an oasis of natural and recreational amenities with picturesque parks and riverfront, where people can discover all that the city has to offer — an experience unlike any other.

Guiding Principles

It is clear that the McKinley Park community has great pride and ambitions for the future. Six overarching principles emerged to guide the strategies outlined in the McKinley Park Neighborhood Plan: 

  1. Maintain the neighborhood’s diversity by preserving a wide range of housing options, supporting local businesses, and continuing to celebrate and welcome culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse residents.
  2. Focus equitable mixed-used development in areas with access to transit and amenities.
  3. Identify missing connections and infrastructure improvements so that pedestrians, bicyclists, commuters, and drivers can move around with ease.
  4. Target new sustainable development and adaptive reuse projects to maintain local jobs and ensure the health and well-being of residents.
  5. Preserve and expand the natural assets of the neighborhood, and ensure that residents have access to natural amenities and community programming in the future.
  6. Achieve resilience by making natural systems and economic and social structures more durable for years to come.

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