U.S. House of Representatives candidate Marie Newman speaks on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at the 36Squared Business Incubator.

U.S. House Candidate Marie Newman Visits 36Squared Business Incubator

Published November 2, 2020

3rd Congressional District Democratic candidate Marie Newman visited the 36Squared Business Incubator on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, to talk small business and connect with local entrepreneurs at the McKinley Park neighborhood facility, host to a state-funded Small Business Development Center. 

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"Incubators will have more and more of a role in our economy," Newman said, noting that small businesses make up 80 percent of Illinois' gross domestic product. "We need to do more of the great things that are being done at [36Squared] and at others in the district that are doing well."

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In addition to speaking at the incubator event, Newman toured the facility, including 36Squared's center to support disabled entrepreneurs. "Going to [36Squared] was so instructive for me ... because there was a diversity of types of businesses and diversity of types of owners: everybody you could think of," she said.

Newman, who defeated incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski in the primary election earlier this year, faces Republican Mike Fricilone in the November 3 general election to represent the 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Southwest Side Issues

Newman identified issues affecting the the McKinley Park neighborhood and Southwest Side that she'd tackle in her role as U.S. representative. The cleanup of Bubbly Creek as pushed by her predecessor Lipinski is something she'd continue, she said, and work to improve coordination for this at all levels of government.

Business Grows Here - Space - Resources - Community

"What's missing in the equation is that county, state and federal are not always working together," she said.

Newman also spoke to environmental and related concerns especially manifest on the Southwest Side. "Racial injustice, environmental injustice and health injustice all intersect," she said.

The reauthorization of the federal HR2 act, which funds infrastructure and building projects, offers opportunities to support environmentally friendly development, extend public transportation and reduce the sizable carbon footprint of buildings, Newman said. 

"We’re going to have to think in terms of stimulus that is more innovative and creative, and investing in green technology and green entrepreneurs," she said.

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"Some of the conversation should not just be around the stimulus package, but what we can do to attract more non-polluting businesses here," she said.

Newman also noted the extremely heavy toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on local businesses. "We have lost whole industries ... that may not get back on their feet for quite some time: years or decades," she said.

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Despite these and other hardships, Newman said she's impressed by the 3rd District's response to COVID-19. "This district has stepped up," she said. "The collaboration is like nothing I've seen."

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