A crippled Canada goose stands on one foot in Chicago’s McKinley Park. Chicago Park District employees said they were working with other city departments to render aid to the migratory waterfowl.

Anglers Asked to Protect Birds with Proper Fishing Line Disposal

Published May 5, 2021

Crippled geese and other waterfowl are again a sight at Chicago’s McKinley Park, likely victims of improperly discarded fishing line, which Chicago Park District employees have recently found around the lagoon, a popular spot with local anglers.

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McKinley Park Supervisor Briana Soria asked fishermen to please be sure to use the designated fishing tackle disposal containers that ring the lagoon. This keeps discarded lines out of the water and natural areas, and away from birds that might be maimed or killed by them.

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No Dogs in Nature Area

McKinley Park Lagoon fishing tackle disposal container 20210505A fishing tackle disposal container is available at one of the spots for anglers at the McKinley Park lagoon.New signs have been added for McKinley Park’s nature area, including reminders that dogs and dog-walkers are not allowed because they disturb the birds that flock there. (The large and small dog areas of the McKinley Dog Park are nearby in the southwest corner of McKinley Park.)

Bikers also must stay on the designated bike path in the natural area.

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Soria requested that park visitors please be sure to pick up after themselves and please discard trash properly, which is “out of control.”

Park employees find themselves pulled away from other duties to fight litter, and there is a nationwide shortage of garbage cans, making it difficult to add more at the park, Soria said.

McKinley Park Lagoon new sign 20210505A new sign designates the McKinley Park lagoon and provides guidelines for its use.

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