Shot 13-year-old ID'ed, with Cops, Mom Stating Gang Involvement

Published May 18, 2021

A local boy on life support after being shot in a drive-by the morning of Sunday, May 16, 2021, has been identified by family and in media reports as Eric Crawford, 13.

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Crawford suffered grievous injuries after bullets shot from a white SUV struck him in the 3700 block of South Wood Street in the McKinley Park neighborhood as he was riding his bike on the sidewalk, witnesses said. As previously reported here in the McKinley Park News, the SUV fled and turned west down 38th Street, witnesses said. 

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Crawford's mother, Patricia Deates, said in media reports that her son was about to start 8th grade. In a WGNTV news report about Chicago weekend violence, Deates blamed gangs for targeting her son after trying to recruit him to join.

GoFundMe Fund-Raiser

Deates has set up a GoFundMe fund-raising page seeking assistance. On it, she says that Crawford was out biking while other family members were taking his grandfather to the emergency room. Her son was "in the wrong place at the wrong time," her GoFundMe page states.

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The WGNTV media report quotes Chicago Police Department Chief of Detectives Brendan Deeniham as stating that "a rival gang" may have been following and targeting Crawford.

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