Facing Chicago's McKinley Park, historic and vacant Central Manufacturing District buildings at 2139 and 2159 W. Pershing Road await transformation into Parkview Lofts affordable housing and Parkview Commerce next door.

Plan Commission Approves Parkview Lofts Affordable Housing Project

Published May 21, 2021

The Chicago Plan Commission has approved development of Parkview Lofts and Parkview Commerce, a residential conversion of two adjacent Central Manufacturing District buildings facing McKinley Park at 2139 and 2159 W. Pershing Road, Chicago.

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The development project involves adding 120 affordable housing units to 2159 W. Pershing Road as Parkview Lofts, and a mix of market-rate loft residences and light commercial work spaces in Parkview Commerce next door. It will go before the Chicago zoning committee on May 25, 2021, with the Chicago City Council voting on it the next day, May 26.

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"I see Parkview Lofts as being evidence that the revitalization of vacant property can be undertaken while also serving a social need," said Tom Brantley of the Code Real Estate Partners team that developed the project. Brantley said it will provide "maximum benefit to the community."

Affordable Housing Overcomes Opposition

The project plan commission provided approval after a 7-4 split vote, with commissioners discussing the impact of the nearby MAT Asphalt plant. The affordable housing project has faced opposition from anti-MAT Asphalt advocates, who said Parkview Lofts was too close to the plant, which has met all regulatory requirements.

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As previously reported here in the McKinley Park News, in 2020, expected project funding from the Chicago Department of Housing fell apart after a closed-door meeting in July 2020 with Department of Housing Commissioner Marisa Novara and unnamed anti-MAT Asphalt advocates.

The properties, which have been vacant for decades, will begin accepting their first tenants within 12 months of start of construction, which should begin after project financing is finalized later this year, Brantley said.


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