McKinley Park neighborhood resident Jose Terrazas, who designs and builds pinball machine switches as part of his work as a mechanical engineer, takes a break from Knox Avenue BBQ food from Mom's for a go at a free-to-play game in the Marzcade at Marz Community Brewing Co.

Marz Brewing (and Mom's Food) Gets Nod in Bon Appétit

Published July 24, 2021

The kudos keep rolling in for Marz Community Brewing Co. in Chicago's McKinley Park neighborhood and its Mom's Japanese comfort food, now available every weekend for dining in the tap room and pinball-laden "Marzcade."

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Pastry chef Valeria Taylor (with the help of Angela Burke) singled out the brews and menu available at Marz in her "Valeria Taylor's Guide to Chicago," published July 14, 2021, in Bon Appétit magazine.

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Taylor raved over the food from Mom's and its chefs Randi Howry and Kelly Ijichi, who work from the Marz kitchen. Especially notable were the donuts, the katsu sando and the fried Spam musubi, Taylor said.

Click here to read "Valeria Taylor's Guide to Chicago" in Bon Appetít magazine.

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