The underused, city-owned properties along Pershing Road await proposals from buyers and developers for the international Reinventing Cities competition.

Central Manufacturing District Properties Get Push From City via Design Contest

Published January 19, 2018

The City of Chicago is soliciting the rehabilitation of a large area of the Central Manufacturing District with an outreach to developers via C40’s Reinventing Cities design competition. Three large city-owned lots are on the table for sale and innovative, environmentally friendly redevelopment, including over a million square feet of floor space in historically significant buildings.

The properties, stretching from 1717 to 1819 West Pershing Road, this week received the go-ahead from a city panel to offer them to developers. This process is tied to the international design competition, for which proposals are due May 4, 2018.

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The properties are in rough shape and include two monstrous, architecturally significant buildings built in 1918. The third property is on the east end of the lineup and comprises a parking lot and garage. According to the Reinventing Cities prospectus, development can be split up among the properties, but anyone who wants to redevelop the parking lot has to also develop one of the large buildings.

The sites are currently zoned for business and commercial use, however, Reinventing Cities states that changing zoning to residential would be within the scope of development proposals. Doing so would require review and approval from the Department of Planning and Development, the Chicago Plan Commission and the City Council.

The city's announcement noted a planned site visit at 2 p.m. on February 2, starting at 1717 W. Pershing Rd. More information is available at the Reinventing Cities web page for the Pershing Road Buildings, including forms for booking visits and submitting projects.

The primary Reinventing Cities prospectus is available as a PDF file; it contains detailed information on the Pershing Road site, the development project and the specific process by which proposals will be reviewed and accepted: Click here to access it.

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