The outlines of the sidewalks and pathways in McKinley Park are clearly visible in Strava's heatmap of running activity.The outlines of the sidewalks and pathways in McKinley Park shine in Strava's heatmap of running activity.

McKinley Park is White Hot for Runners, Heatmap Shows

Published February 7, 2018

McKinley Park is the hottest spot for runners on the Southwest Side, according to a data-driven heatmap provided by app maker Strava. The map clearly outlines McKinley Park's sidewalks and paths as regular workout routes for joggers and walkers, and it stands out as the brightest spot for perambulation on our end of town.

The world-spanning map comes from billions of data points across millions of users who employ the app to track their exercise routes, schedules and progress. The Chicago area receives complete coverage; the data shows Palmisano Park in Bridgeport as the closest popular spot for running, and the map even reflects the nearby route of the Chicago Marathon

Strava Map McKinley Park heatmap Southwest SideStrava's heatmap of Chicago highlights McKinley Park's standout role as a haven for runners.In addition to running, the heatmap tracks biking, water and winter activities. In the McKinley Park neighborhood, Archer Avenue lights up as the primary route for cyclists in the area.

The neighborhood's water activities are much more limited, which is not surprising, given the sole option of the highly polluted waters of the South Branch of the Chicago River, aka Bubbly Creek.

However, nearby boating heats up on the map starting from the new South Eleanor Street boathouse in Park No. 571 in Bridgeport and continuing southwest down the South Branch of the Chicago River into Pilsen.

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