New tutors include, from left to right, in the front row, Usha Ahmed, Lynn Nelson, Ninive Segovia, Joanna Tung, Janice Jenkins, Genesis Cruz-Stoehr and Jeannine Jenkins; in the second row, Volunteer Coordinator Sabrina Poulin, Meghan Linehan, Susan Eisenberg and Chersten Hoffstedt; in the third row, Hannah VanderLaan and Lois Dolphin; and in the fourth row, Dawn Olderr Montalvo, Alec Masson and Isabel Sturla.

Latest Batch of Literacy Tutors Trained and Ready at Aquinas

Published May 9, 2018

Fifteen new English literacy tutors completed their training at the Aquinas Literacy Center over the weekend of April 28, getting them ready to assist English language learners through this popular program. The Friday night and Saturday sessions are part of a total of 13 hours of training each tutor undergoes, resulting in their certification to teach English as a Second Language learners.

The training program was the last of the 2017-2018 academic year, with the next session planned for September 2018. This year, Aquinas trained 90 new volunteer tutors.

Although the center continues to grow, a backlog of new pupils are always waiting in the wings for their chance at instruction. Once tutors complete their training, they each receive a six-month membership to ProLiteracy, and they're cleared to conduct one-on-one training with learners. All tutoring is conducted in English, and knowledge of a second language is not required to be a tutor.

Anyone who is interested in getting more information or signing up to be a tutor should contact Poulin at (773) 927-0512 or

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