Chicago Police Department officers, inspectors from the Department of Buildings and 12th Ward Chief of Staff Samie Martinez, right, coordinate the Friday, May 11, house inspection with landlord Julio Zamudio, center-right.

Evictions Planned After Forced Gang House Inspection

Published May 16, 2018

Eviction papers have been delivered to residents of the designated gang house building at 3629 S. Wood St., the site of a City of Chicago inspection with forced-entry authority on Friday, May 11, said 12th Ward Chief of Staff Samie Martinez. Legal action from the 12th Ward compelled the inspection, which follows numerous problems reported at and near the house, and the initial lack of response of property owner Julio Zamudio.

Zamudio showed up to the inspection and allowed access to City of Chicago officials, who were accompanied by officers from the Chicago Police Department and representatives from the 12th Ward, including Martinez. In addition to serving eviction notices, Zamudio also agreed to secure access to the gangways alongside the building.

A front window at 3629 S. Wood St. reveals a bullet hole on the day of the inspection.A front window at 3629 S. Wood St. shows damage from a bullet hole on the day of the inspection.Another court hearing on the property has been set for May 24 at the Daley Center, Martinez said. In related discussion on the McKinley Park Neighborhood Watch page on Facebook, Martinez noted that the building contained elderly tenants, but that the renters allowed access to relatives who were affiliated with gangs.

The inspection and evictions come after lengthy efforts from the 12th Ward, including previously unsuccessful outreach to the property owner and tenants, and several court hearings which the property owner did not attend. Many incidents of violence and vandalism have continued at or near the property, most recently a shoot-out on Tuesday, May 8, as detailed at the May meeting of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) group for Beat 912.

Street lights have also been continually shot out or broken into to cut lights for the entire block, according to CAPS officers, 12th Ward officials and other reports. Graffiti affiliated with the Latin Counts street gang regularly appears in front of and close to the property, according to accounts of filed complaints of vandalism.

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