Radio Show Dives Into Central Manufacturing District Business History

Published September 7, 2019

Central Manufacturing District clock towerThe Central Manufacturing District's clock tower is one of its most distinctive structures.The Central Manufacturing District, the hulking collection of historic buildings running along the south edge of Pershing Road in the McKinley Park neighborhood, recently received a look from the Morning Shift show on the WBEZ public radio station (91.5 FM in Chicago).

In the "What's That Building?" segment, radio hosts examined the storied history of this area as the first planned industrial park in the United States.

The What's That Building? Chicago's Central Manufacturing District article on WBEZ's website details the history of the Central Manufacturing District and its many residents, from Westinghouse Corporation through Ronco Inventions, producer of the Veg-o-matic and many other "only available on TV" products.

Click here to read WBEZ's article about Chicago's Central Manufacturing District.

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