A new single family home rises rapidly on an oversized lot at 1819 W. 38th St. in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago.

McKinley Park Cracks Top Ten in Time-To-Market, Averages $15K Over Ask for Home Sales

Published November 26, 2019

The residential real estate market in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago showed signs of continued strength in the third quarter of 2019, according to home sales data compiled and presented by Chicago Agent magazine.  The real estate-focused publication listed the days-on-market and pricing-over-ask data for all Chicago community areas in its articles "Where Properties Moved the Fastest in Q3 2019" and "Where Sellers Got More Than They Asked For in Q3 2019."

With an average of 42 days on the market, McKinley Park came in as the seventh-fastest-selling neighborhood in the third quarter (tying with the Clearing neighborhood), according to the Chicago Agent articles. Homes in the McKinley Park neighborhood sold over the asking price in the third quarter for an average of $15,483, the pricing article stated.

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Chicago Agent magazine explained its analysis process on the Real Data Q3 2019 page of its website. The publication stated it uses local real estate market data from Midwest Real Estate Data LLC, which it then compares against agent and broker data as part of its analysis.

Adjacent neighborhoods also highly ranked in the report include Bridgeport, which received an average of $17,976 over ask for home sales in the third quarter, and the Lower West Side (i.e. the Pilsen neighborhood), which showed an average of 48 days on the market in the third quarter.

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