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Essay Contest Solicits Hero Picks from Local Young Writers

Published January 7, 2020

There's still time for local young writers to share their pick for a hero in an essay contest sponsored by the McKinley Park Civic Association and Illinois 1st District State Senator Antonio ("Tony") Muñoz. The contest, which is open to all students who attend a McKinley Park neighborhood school or live in the neighborhood, asks writers to tell of their No. 1 hero.

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Essays will be judged for content, grammar and spelling, and the winners will be announced and celebrated at the McKinley Park Civic Association Annual Banquet and Awards on Sunday, March 8. Writers should act fast, as essays should be received no later than Wednesday, January 8: Send the essay in through a participating local school or drop it off at the 1st District office at 1836 W. 35th St., Chicago.

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An essay submission can fall into one of the following writer categories:

A. Grades 3 to 5
B. Grades 6 to 8
C. Self-contained special class
D. Self-contained English language learner
E. High School

Essay length should be between 100 and 125 words for writers up to 10 years of age, 200 to 225 words for writers of ages 11 to 13 and 300 to 325 words for writers who are 14 and older.

Essay submitters should be sure to attach their name, their address, their school and which above category they fall into. For more information, contact the 1st District office at  (773) 869-9050

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