Marz Community Brewing Co. at 3630 S. Iron St. hosts the Community Kitchen initiative to feed hungry local families.

Marz Community Kitchen Feeds Families, Employs Food and Dining Workers

Published June 18, 2020

Marz Community Brewing Co. in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago is in the process of supporting local hungry families through its Community Kitchen initiative, a month-long program to feed the hungry and offer employment to food service workers hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Three times a week, Marz has been providing 200 meals to local senior homes, food pantries, churches, hospitals and South Side residents.

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"We have been researching ways we can contribute to building a better world," an announcement from Marz stated. "People are being asked to step up and work to create the future and the community we wish to see."

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The Chicago Reader publication highlighted this effort in its recently published article "Marz Community Kitchen is the future," authored by restaurant critic Mike Sula. The article touches on how local restaurants and food industry suppliers tie into the effort, including the Marz-affiliated Kimski restaurant in Bridgeport, Mom's restaurant, Mick King Farm and Closed Loop Farms.

Employing Food Service Workers

"The Community Kitchen also provides work to chefs, cooks, and front-of-house hospitality workers who have lost their businesses or ... employment due to the pandemic," the Marz release stated. "It’s our belief that repurposing our kitchens to feed those in need is one response to the ongoing crisis."

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Other partners in the Community Kitchen include the non-profit Public Media Institute and Community of the Future, Inc.: the parent corporation of Kimski restaurant and the adjoining Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar. All are part of the burgeoning Marzewski family empire of restaurants, businesses and properties, often closely affiliated with local non-profit community groups, events and publications that range from the Bridgeport-based Co-Prosperity Sphere to the decades-old Lumpen magazine.

Organizations and organizers who are interested in expanding the program to offer more meals are encouraged to contact Marz proprietor Ed Marzewski by sending email to

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