A screen capture from the Find My Landlord interactive map relates McKinley Park's residential rentals, building size and how many properties are owned by a single landlord.

Small Landlords Predominate in McKinley Park, Says Find My Landlord

Published September 19, 2020

The Find My Landlord database and interactive map, a project of the Democratic Socialists of America's Chicago chapter (CDSA), reveals the identities and total property ownership of residential landlords in the McKinley Park neighborhood and citywide. Based on this data, most landlords in McKinley Park own and rent only one or two properties, with the largest landlords in the neighborhood owning several dozen across Chicago. 

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As detailed in reporting by Grace Del Vecchio in the Chicago Reader, data for Find My Landlord comes from several public sources, including the Cook County Assessor, Chicago's Department of Buildings, the Cook County recorder of deeds and the Illinois Secretary of State. Volunteers working with CDSA compiled and vetted the information within the Find My Landlord database.

Based on Find My Landlord data, the largest citywide landlord in the McKinley Park Community Area is James Athanasopoulos and Associates, who own a single McKinley Park property at 3706 S. Paulina St. and 50 properties across Chicago.

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The most McKinley Park neighborhood properties owned by a single landlord is three: Manuel and Rosalba Montiel are listed as landlords for 3403 S. Paulina Ave., 3416 S. Hermitage Ave. and 3430 S. Hermitage Ave., which are the neighborhood properties of the 20 they own across Chicago.

Every McKinley Park residential rental address is listed in Find My Landlord, as well as information about every landlord, and users can search by address. In addition, the project has released the source code used to power the project on the GitHub developer service, which lets other developers access and work with the Find My Landlord tool and public data.

Use the Find My Landlord service on the web at findmylandlord.chicagodsa.org, or employ the map as embedded below: 

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