Opportunity: Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

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Stakeholders in the study area expressed interest in using their strong access to rail transit to attract commercial and residential development to McKinley Park. The two CTA Orange Line stations in McKinley Park are a major asset that attracts residents to key nodes and bring people from outside of McKinley Park to the neighborhood on a daily basis. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concentrates residential and commercial development close to transit infrastructure in order to create density and foster a reduced dependence on automobile travel. Decreasing dependence on automobiles can lower the need to dedicate valuable land to parking and lower transportation expenses for residents. TOD is associated with a compact development style that prioritizes a mix of land uses that facilitate diverse activities in walkable distances around transit facilities. Well-planned mixed-use developments that capitalize on the central location of CTA stations can be catalytic projects for the neighborhood, enlivening the existing retail corridors by bringing additional customers, increasing high-quality retail and restaurant space, and enhancing the streetscape.

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