Goal: Promote Equitable Transit-Oriented Development - Recommendations

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While many stakeholders expressed interest in the potential of TOD to spur development and improvements to the neighborhood’s commercial corridors, they also expressed reservations about how it could change the neighborhood. For some, TOD calls to mind other Chicago neighborhoods, such as Logan Square and Wicker Park, that have seen luxury apartments and condominiums built near CTA stations. Stakeholder interviews and public survey input during the planning process suggest that many want to preserve the diversity of the community and make sure the area remains affordable to low- and moderate-income families.

“We need the density to support and attract local businesses,” said one resident, "but it should include affordability and the preservation of the neighborhood’s diversity and character.”

The plan recommends an equitable framework to transit-oriented development that measures the social and economic impacts of future development near transit areas to help keep the neighborhood affordable, while still enjoying the benefits of transit-oriented redevelopment and economic development.

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