Participants in the Aquinas Literacy Center tutor training session on Saturday, November 11, 2021, inlcude, from left to right, top to bottom rows, Program Coordinator  Tina Villapando, Executive Director  Alison Altmeyer, Associate Director Sabrina Poulin and tutor trainees Adrienne Hugo, Karan Patel, Haydee Ramirez, Via Catinella, and Barb Putyra.

Aquinas Tutors Grow Numbers Through Remote Learning

Published November 21, 2021

The Aquinas Literacy Center, a not-for-profit organization in Chicago's McKinley Park neighborhood that teaches English to adult learners, has grown its volunteer tutor group again, this time through remote learning and training.

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Five local residents went through the daylong training process on Saturday, November 11, 2021, to become qualified tutors to adults who wish to learn to speak, read and write English.

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Via Catinella, Adrienne Hugo, Karan Patel, Barb Putyra and Haydee Ramirez will now volunteer for 90 minutes per week, working one-on-one with English pupils, who also engage in learning through computer and in-person training online and at the center at 1751 W. 35th St., Chicago.

Next Session Saturday, January 22

More volunteers are needed, said Associate Director Sabrina Poulin, as there are still more than 20 students waiting to be paired with a tutor in the very popular program. The next English Literacy Tutor Training session takes place 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 22, 2022, at the center.

Poulin said those who wanted more information and to sign up to become a tutor should contact her by sending email to or calling (773) 927-0512.

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