New Manufacturing, Free Turkeys, Parks and Gaming Beget This Week's Events in McKinley Park

Published November 18, 2019

12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas Turkey Raffle lead12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas' Turkey Raffle is one of two holiday turkey giveaways this week in McKinley Park. As reported here in the McKinley Park News, a proposed manufacturing development looks to land at a Bubbly Creek property off Ashland Avenue, touching the northeast corner of the McKinley Park neighborhood. The Cougle Foods Development Meeting on Wednesday, November 20, at Park No. 571 will provide information about the proposal at a presentation from across the river at the park's boat house. Hosts 25th Ward Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez and 11th Ward Alderman Patrick D. Thompson welcome the public to attend and learn about the prospective development.

Would you like a free bird for your holiday table? The Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway on Saturday, November 23, has 1,000 turkeys ready for residents of McKinley Park and nearby neighborhoods, courtesy of MAT Asphalt. Note that recipients must register in advance for the giveaway. This holiday event joins the Thanksgiving turkey raffle from 12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas, as reported here in the McKinley Park News, which runs through Thursday, November 21.

The McKinley Park Advisory Council Meeting has been moved to Monday, November 18, in order to observe and commemorate last week's Veterans Day holiday. Attend this month's meeting at the McKinley Park field house to learn of upcoming park events and news, and discover how you can become part of the dynamic volunteer community that brings so many great things to our neighborhood parks through the McKinley Park Advisory Council.

It's Gaming Season

Cougle Foods 2841 S Ashland Ave rendering 2 river task force 20191022The meeting about the Cougle Foods development, pictured here in a prospective draft rending from a Chicago River Ecology & Governance Task Force presentation, is set for Wednesday, November 20, at the Park No. 571 boat house.Got an itch to game? This Tuesday, November 19, offers a choice between the raucous Quiz Mercenary Pub Quiz at Marz Community Brewing Co. and four rounds of "the most competitive game" at Loteria Night at One City Tap. Marz again hosts its monthly thumb-drome video game championship at the Super Smash Bros. Touranment on Sunday, November 24.

Bingo buffs enjoy a double lineup on Wednesday, November 20, with Senior Club Bingo at the McKinley Park field house and Bingo at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. For those seeking tabletop action, Drop-In Games presents new and classic games for play with teens and adults on Saturday, November 23, at the McKinley Park public library.

Also on Saturday, November 23, at the library, the Sin Nombre Film Screening continues the Community Cinema program, showcasing the tale of three Central American teen immigrants' trek to get to the U.S. Tween Book Club: Brave invites 4th- through 6th-graders to read and discuss author Svetlana Chmakova's writing at the library on Tuesday, November 19, and Family Night invites the whole crew to the library for crafts and games on Wednesday, November 20.

More Nightlife Fun

The ongoing artists residency of Jazz on Marz with the Jazzeros continues its live jazz performance on Wednesday, November 20, at Marz Community Brewing Co. The Marz tap room hosts DJ Fanita Banana on Friday, November 22, and the country-western tunes of Lumpen Radio DJ Lawrence Peters on Saturday, November 23.

One City Tap continues its weekly Karaoke Night on Friday, November 22, letting locals belt out their favorites with the help of DJ Angel.

Sin Nombre screens on Saturday, November 23, at the McKinley Park public library.

These are just some of the great neighborhood events happening in McKinley Park this week. Check the full calendar, featured events, showcase events and events dashboard for more.

Do you have a neighborhood event to share? Submit your event listing for publication in the McKinley Park News.


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