Civic Association Announces 2020 Educator, Toms Award Winners

Published January 15, 2020

Steve Demitro portrait CAPS Beat 912 Christmas party 20191212Community service award winner Steve Demitro speaks at the CAPS Beat 912 Christmas party in December 2019.Local educators and McKinley Park neighborhood attorney Steve Demitro are recipients of the annual awards designated by the McKinley Park Civic Association, the group announced in a recent email release. Eight teachers and Demitro will be lauded at the McKinley Park Civic Association Annual Banquet and Awards slated for Sunday, March 8.

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Demitro, a candidate for judge in the 14th Judicial Subcircuit in the upcoming March 17 primary election, won the William H.G. Toms Community Service Award, which will be presented alongside the other awards at the banquet, now in its 49th year. Educator award winners include:

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The association's awards ceremony and multi-course, family-style meal again takes place at Polonia Banquets in the Brighton Park neighborhood. Tickets are available through February 27 and cost $25 or $28 for adults, and $16 or $17 for children, depending on the early bird discount.

Tickets are available for purchase at the McKinley Park Civic Assocation Meeting on the evening of Wednesday, February 5, at the McKinley Park branch of the Chicago Public Library. Tickets can also be acquired by calling Suzanne Pletsch at (773) 847-0261

This is so great, thank you for supporting and recognizing our teachers and community members. Just curious why Velma Thomas school isn’t represented? They are a McKinley park CPS preschool in the neighborhood. So many amazing teachers there.
Justin Kerr
Thanks for your comment and for your patience while it was approved. (We are working on a better alert system for this.) All of this comes through the McKinley Park Civic Association, and I would imagine that the reason Velma Thomas wasn't considered is that they're not as familiar with the school. I'd definitely recommend attending a meeting (first Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the library) to make sure they consider this in the future.

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