McKinley Park Community Garden

McKinley Park Community Garden

Connect with the McKinley Park Community Garden to plant your fruits and veggies alongside your neighbors, as well as enjoy garden events and neighborhood camaraderie with fellow green thumbs.

Located where the northbound and southbound lanes of Damen Avenue split at the east end of McKinley Park, the community garden rests at approximately 3800 S. Damen Ave., Chicago. Get more info on our Facebook page, on our website or by calling (312) 857-8865.

The McKinley Park Community Garden serves the local area by providing a place for McKinley Park gardeners to grow their vegetables and fruits throughout the growing season. It is also a hub for neighborhood networking and community.

The McKinley Park Community Garden got its start in 2013 with the setup of garden plots on vacant private land on the north side of Pershing Road between South Winchester and South Wolcott Avenues. Due to development of this property, the garden was forced to move to its new, permanent location on Chicago Park District-managed land "between the Damens," re-opening for the 2018 growing season.

Now, the garden offers plots for rent to local gardeners in the sping, followed by a full growing season ending in the fall. In addition to the facilities that the garden membership helps build and manage, the group hosts regular events for the community.

(312) 857-8865
3800 S. Damen Ave.

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McKinley Park Community Garden

Official Community Garden as coordinated with the Chicago Park District